Jacques Scherman

Jacques Scherman 6Jacques has more than a decade of experience in the Investing and Property market. From being a CEO of a Property Group in the Commercial, Industrial & Residential Markets to also personally buying, selling and renovating property over many years and now the Asia Pacific Director for Work Your Wealth Australia, a true Crypto and Gold expert, educating people to make a passive income through different projects and disruptive technology.

Jacques’s experience from being an officer in the military to being a CEO of Property Groups globally, has made him realise that the biggest obstacle to investment is FEAR. Many people make unwise investment decisions mainly because of an inadequate understanding of the market.

As a former CEO of International Companies and now the Asia Pacific Executive Director of Work Your Wealth, Jacques has extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to Wealth Education, making him the Mentor of choice for those seeking to be educated & trained in how they can work smarter and not harder to secure their income.

Jacques guides his clients’ step by step through the passive income experience and giving them the right guidance that can make all the difference. He strongly believes in helping as many people as he can, empowering people with the knowledge and confidence to achieve their goals in life.
Jacques is not a financial adviser but confident to say that he can teach you how to make well informed decisions which will make your money work for you – creating short term and long-term wealth with the right mindset.